“All right, Netflix, let’s discuss a few…necessary alterations to my show.”

Heroes For Hire #1

Marvel Comics (July, 1997)

“Heroes And Villains”

PLOT: Roger Stern

WRITER: John Ostrander

PENCILER: Pascual Ferry

INKER: Jaime Mendoza


LETTERER: Jonathan Babcock

EDITORS: James Felder & Mark Bernardo

The U-Foes–Vector, X-Ray, Vapor, and Ironclad–have been hired to cause a prison break at the Vault (the Marvel Universe’s supervillain prison). Worried that this is only the beginning as the world still reels from Onslaughts attack and the loss of the Fantastic Four and Avengers, Danny Rand (aka Iron Fist) decides to restore the Heroes For Hire with the money going to charity. Luke Cage gives his blessing but opts out of returning to the superhero game. Meanwhile the U-Foes take control of the Hulk using the Controller’s technology and go after a group of scientists for their knowledge. Seeing this on the news both Iron Fist and Hercules races off to stop them, with Luke joined by a mysterious new White Tiger. They manage to free the Hulk from the U-Foes control, and working with the original Human Torch (who is serving as benefactor only), form the new Heroes For Hire, which doesn’t sit well with the U-Foes’ boss. No, not the Controller; he’s the prisoner of their boss–the self-proclaimed Master Of The World!

What they got right: Unlike Thunderbolts this looks to be a more fun, yet not necessarily comical offering. The line-up is interesting (Hercules was stripped of his immortality but still drinks like he has it, and the new White Tiger is still an unknown at this point…you may recall her from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon on Disney XD) and they worked surprisingly well together. With Jim Hammond (the World War II Human Torch) serving as benefactor and more members teased for next issue, this could be a good story, and the Marvel Universe could use some lighter fare after the Onslaught incident.

What they got wrong: Where did Master get a SHIELD copter? I’m pretty sure they keep track of those things.

Recommendation: I liked the first issue, and it’s worth checking out. Hopefully the following issues will live up to this one and this will be a good team-up comic.

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