I promised you guys a commentary this week, but the only thing coming to mind is a rehash of an early posting AND an Art Soundoff v-log on continuity and I’m getting tired of repeating myself even without a certain book. So if Steve Wacker wants to spit all over continuity because he’s more concerned with his story that he can’t save it for characters that fit it, it just shows how little writers today care about the fans, the writers that came before, or making a shared universe that people can stay invested in. Besides, I’ve done enough raging lately, so let’s talk about something I like: Luigi Mario!

Originally created as the second player character for the first Mario Brothers and Super Mario Brothers games, there are plenty of us out there who really like Luigi and may even like him better than Mario. However, it’s only recently, with Nintendo’s “Year Of Luigi” marketing event and the Luigi’s Mansion games as well as his appearances in the sports titles like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers, that the green plumber has finally gotten a chance to really shine outside of Mario’s footsteps. In his last Break Down video for the Game Theorists, Furst takes a brief look at the history of the Player Two that earned a spot in our hearts.

Here’s where you can catch Furst’s current video home. He discusses movies as well as video games. If you like what you saw here, give it a watch.



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  1. Sean says:

    This was a very interesting history of Luigi. It’s amazing how the one game of Donkey Kong led to the birth of so many other games afterwards. Seeing the Joust game scene in this video was also pretty cool. I do remember how much fun it was to play Joust.


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