Terminator (character)

Terminator (character) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some series just need to end or at least rebooted if they insist on keeping going. Nobody is sure if the Highlander franchise even has a set timeline anymore, and that should have stopped at one movie. The Terminator franchise, at least as movies, probably should have ended with T2: Judgement Day, although I guess a prequel wasn’t a bad idea. Terminator Genesis I can safely call a bad idea and I haven’t even seen it, nor do I think I need to. Some ideas are bad at concept.

Now ScreenCrush is reporting that there may well be a new Terminator prequel that will attempt to explain the reason the T-800s all look like Arnold, a story I don’t think we needed. Then again it’s coming after a sequel to Twins, which I liked when I watched it but that REALLY didn’t seen a sequel, especially this far from the original. Hollywood makes less and less sense to me every day.


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