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Transformers Spotlight: Sixshot

IDW Publishing (December, 2006)

WRITER: Simon Furman



LETTERER: Robbie Robbins

EDITORS: Chris Ryall & Dan Taylor

Sixshot is usually called in when it’s time to clean off the planet for resource retrieval, but what does he do on his downtime? Even the other Decepticons are nervous around him. Only the so-called “Terrorcons” associate with them, but when they go missing he flies out to find out why. On the planet of their last mission Sixshot only finds destruction on a level greater than his, with no ability to obtain the resources. He meets up with the Reapers, a group of warriors from different worlds who believe the only way to end war is to kill off everybody fighting it. They want Sixshot to join them, and to prove his new allegiance by killing his…I guess they’re more fans than friends. Sixshot refuses but the Reapers are certain one day he will join them.

What they got right: I actually like this take on Sixshot. He’s Megatron’s heaviest hitter, but he also has downtime. We learn quite a bit about his personality and motivations, even as he learns some of those motivations himself. And paring him with the Terrorcons is a pretty good idea as well. And don’t think I didn’t notice two of the Reapers (an interesting threat by the way) come from Furman’s UK run on Marvel and that one cameo during the “Matrix Quest” storyline.

What they got wrong: Although we don’t actually see the Terrorcons hanging with Sixshot, showing their connection.  We just see Sixshot monologue about it on the way to the records room to find out where they went.

Recommendation: This story factors in the next miniseries if the end of the last one is any indication, but it’s a good story on its own. Worth checking out.


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