“I’m taking over this series now, too!”

Voltron: Defender Of The Universe vol. 2 #1

Devil’s Due (January, 2004)

“Paradise Lost” part 1: “Treachery”

WRITERS: Dan Jolley & Marie Croall

LAYOUTS: Mike Norton

PENCILERS: E.J. Su & Clint Hillinski

INKER: Clayton Brown

COLORIST: Ben Hunzeker

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

It’s been four months since the Drules were chased off of planet Arus. Sven is having nightmares and not feeling like part of the team after being rejected by the Blue Lion in favor of Allura. Still, he’s helping rebuild Arus when they get an unexpected visitor: Colonel Hawkins. He tries to convince Allura to allow the Galaxy Union to study Voltron so they can build their own, but she refuses. However, someone in the Union is a bit more forceful and steals the lion ships, but our heroes vow to reclaim them. Meanwhile, Lotor gets his own unexpected visitor, Queen Merla of the Seventh Kingdom. Zarkon is hoping to wed the two and merge her kingdom with the Ninth, but she only came here to make fun of him after his loss on Arus.

What they got right: Merla makes her debut and she’s going to have a profound impact on the story. It’s a brief but decent introduction, which mostly serves as exposition as to why she’s here. We have the beginnings of a good storyline that will take the Voltron Force (still not officially named mind you) to Earth for the first time, which will be interesting to see.

What they got wrong: They still aren’t calling it the Galaxy Alliance or Galaxy Garrison, and I’m not sure I want to see either using jackboot thugs and stealing Voltron. As I’ll be getting to I think next week with the Voltronathon on Saturday Night Showcase, it won’t be the last time but this is supposed to be an alliance with the “good planets of the Solar System”, and stealing a planet’s only line of defense hardly qualifies.

Recommendation: I still highly recommend this series. It’s a great reboot and a darn good comic in its own right.


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  1. Sean says:

    The artwork and story are both great quality. When I first read this, the comic was my first memorable introduction to Merla because I either saw her in Voltron as a kid but forgot about her or I never saw the episodes that she was in. Now having watched two episodes of Voltron II where she was featured, I better understand why she was placed in this comic. The cartoon gave me a deeper appreciation of Merla. Yes, she is a villain, but I find her to be more cunning and intelligent than Lotor or Zarkon. Tronix, you’re right about how the comic isn’t calling it the Galaxy Alliance. I wonder why the comic keeps saying Galaxy Union!


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