Electricity and water. This isn’t ending well for someone.

Adventures In The DC Universe #15

DC Comics (June, 1998)

Captain Marvel: “Out Of The Dark Cloud”

Aquaman: “Battle Royal”

WRITER: Steve Vance

PENCILER: John Delaney

INKERS: Ron Boyd & Dave Cooper

COLORIST: Bob LeRose & David Grafe

LETTERER: Janice Chiang


EDITOR: Kevin Dooley

In the first story Zeus decides to test Billy Batson’s worthiness to be Captain Marvel by giving “Billy” the superpowers. With the help of another boy Billy learns bank robbers he took out earlier were stealing funds to create a robot strong enough to handle Captain Marvel. With Billy not as able to use the Shazam powers in his mortal form as well, he instead bluffs his way through stopping the crooks, convincing Zeus to undo his switch so Captain Marvel can defeat the robot. It’s a good story that shows superpowers aren’t all that make a hero although a longer story might have allowed more than one fun moment with Billy trying to control his Captain Marvel powers as Billy.

Aquaman has his own problems…or rather all the minor problems of the kingdom. Needing a break, he ends up being summoned through time by the Lady Of The Lake. (I don’t follow Arthurian lore. Was she always named Vivane?) It’s time to give King Arthur the sword Excalibur but Morgan LeFey has come to steal it. Aquaman chases the villainess off and convinces her underwater henchmen that they can find better employment. He also meets his namesake in title and name (King Arthur), who reminds the underwater King Arthur that the minor problems means the kingdom is at peace and this is a good thing, so Aquaman doesn’t mind listening to his people’s problems. It’s a good story for that message although the art style takes some of the majestic sense out of the Lady Of The Lake.

Overall I really enjoyed this comic. Two good stories and I like the art style. This series is still worth taking a look at.

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