Normally the Friday Night Fights comics I choose come from a comic in my collection that I’ve reviewed that week. Well this installment is only half of that. I did review it this week, yesterday in fact, but it actually comes from the website Comic Book +. So if you caught last night’s feature article you already know who is taking part. Also it’s in the title of this article.

But how to fit it into the theme of Summer? Simple. Who doesn’t love swimming during the summer? Actually, given current meteorological events there’s probably quite a few right now. Say a prayer for Texas, Florida, the Caribbean area, and I hear parts of Mexico are getting worried now, too. We aren’t fighting hurricanes in this fight. We just have crocodiles.

“Dog Days” round 11

The Battlefield: Sheena, Queen Of The Jungle #18 (Fiction House; Winter, 1952-1953) “The Ivory Smugglers” (adapted from Jumbo Comics #70, December, 1944; “The Rogue Beast’s Prey”)

The Promoters: I’m not completely sure. There’s some debate on who drew the original story and questions about who redrew panels for the adaptation, where character names are changed and now I wish I had looked more into the original for comparison but that wasn’t what yesterday’s review was about. Also no writer is credited for either version. That’s how things rolled in the 1950s.

There is only some added captions to this fight, so there’s no real difference between the two versions. Even the 1944 version lacked any blood, but we did get a closer look at…well, I’m getting ahead of myself. This part of the story at least is the same. Sheena and Bob are looking into some shenanigans involving elephants. The villain’s men find them first.

Don’t you know you’re supposed to check the water level before diving?

The native is less than worried about his friend falling in there.

“Also I owed Shimbala money. Now I can get that radio I wanted.”

Don’t worry, Snell. I’m not muscling in on your “man on animal action” title. Besides, this was a woman on animal fight.

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  1. Sean says:

    This doesn’t quite fit, but does connect with a video and article you had on here in late July. A New Milford town councilman was forced to resign by the mayor because the town councilman was discovered to be a furry. Do a google search of “New Milford town councilman resigns because he’s a furry” and many articles will pop up. It’s becoming national news. It does seem like the town councilman’s rights were violated when the mayor forced him to resign.


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