“I grabbed the non-bulletproof bracelets by mistake!”

Wonder Woman #0

DC Comics (October, 1994)

“The Contest” part 2: “The Blind Eyes Of Time”

WRITER: William Messner-Loebs

ARTIST: Mike Deodato, Jr.

COLORIST: Patricia Mulvihill

LETTERER: Costanza, who couldn’t bother with first names outside of two credits so he doesn’t get his full name)

ASSISTANT EDITOR: Jason Hernandez-Rosenblatt

EDITOR: Paul Kupperberg

Additionally, Comics.org claims that Brian Bolland (artist) and Monica Bennett (colorist) worked on the cover but said Curtis King edited the cover. How does that work? Shouldn’t the comic’s editor edit the cover too?

Before the events of Zero Hour froze any active story, Diana was being forced by Queen Hippolyta to allow a new Wonder Woman to be chosen, worried that Diana has lost the path of the Amazons. If she refuses to compete she will forfeit the title. Diana isn’t happy about this since it means not only potentially losing her identity as Wonder Woman but that she won’t be in Boston to help protect it. While the new contest is set up, Diana meets Artemis, leader of a sect of Amazons who believes in the old warrior ways usually attributed to the Amazons of Greek myth. They have been refused participation in the contest due to attempting to take over Themyscira. While visiting her village, Diana is shocked to find a statue of her aunt, Anitope…whom Diana is a dead ringer for. Then suddenly she disappears into Antiope’s life just as Hippolyta is tricked by Herakles into marrying the Amazons to his party, which is a trick to get Hippolyta’s girdle. a power source of sorts for the Amazons. Antiope herself is tricked by Herakles using a magical disguising mask and he hits her so hard that Diana returns to modern times bleeding and apparently dead!

What they got right: Using the time-altering events of Zero Hour, the proper order of events that led to Wonder Woman (ie Steve crashing on Paradise Island/Themyscira) is restored, and has been used ever since. We also have Diana using the disguising mask Herakles used in order to take part in the games, which works better than the mask she wore in the first telling of Wonder Woman’s origin. And look, New 52, we still get the mythological Amazons and classic DC versions without altering the Amazons of the DCU into unlikable bi#$%$#@#! See how easy it is?

What they got wrong: Using quotes in text boxes that isn’t part of the narration (either by a narrator or a character) can come off a bit pretentious (I think that’s the word I want…somewhere in that area) unless it’s done right…or you’re doing something along the lines of Zen Pencils and turning a quote into a comic is part of your gimmick. Here we get a quote from a stand-up comedienne about the hardship of being a mother that is supposed to tie in to Hippolyta and her current relationship with Diana but it just feels like it’s there to be there. It’s unnecessary. And while the 90s art isn’t usually that bad (by 90s standards), there are still some questionable poses, including one of Artemis that is picking an odd time to show her boobs and butt as well as Liefeldian body proportions.

Recommendation: To be honest this issue didn’t connect with me. I remember this story being done pre-Crisis and I would love to own that issue again and see how it turned out there, but post-Crisis this led to a new direction for Wonder Woman I’m not too happy with. It’s also interesting to see a 90s comic that is complaining the hero is getting too violent. It’s the 90s! I’d say give it a pass if not for the new origin being involved.

This also means I’m finally done with all the Zero Hour aftermath issues I own. There a pre-Zero Hour story I missed with Catwoman that I have to check out but after that we’re finally done with Zero Hour!


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