Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film pre...

Leonardo DiCaprio at the Body of Lies film premiere in London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The reports about this Joker origin movie, produced by Martin Scorsese, that fails to understand the Joker by the very nature of its existence just got a little stranger. Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to be the Joker for this movie. Don’t get me wrong, DiCaprio is a good actor.  However, there are plenty of good actors who are the wrong choice to be the Joker, and DiCaprio is one of them. And I had no problem believing Michael Keaton could be a good Batman and thought Robert Downey Jr. was perfect for Iron Man when they were first officially announced. In a related note there’s a bonus article just brought up by Zemanta (welcome back!) where he wants to play Stan Lee. That one I’m not as certain of.

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