Probably the main reason I can’t get into the old Tom & Jerry cartoons is that sometimes Jerry should have lost. I know we usually see Tom as the mean old cat picking on Jerry, but there were plenty of times when Tom was simply guarding his master’s food or a big banquet and Jerry was there to steal the food…ALL the food, ruining the party or leaving the humans without any food. We don’t know the humans’ story. Maybe the banquet was a family reunion or a charity event. Maybe they’re just barely surviving on food stamps or whatever it’s called nowadays. (I used to work in a grocery store; I should know what they’re called nowadays, shouldn’t I?) We don’t know. Then there’s the time Jerry broke up Tom’s relationships even when Tom wasn’t mistreating him (and one story because Tom wasn’t chasing him around…theirs is a strange friendship).

So in those stories where Tom was the innocent and Jerry the bad guy, Tom still loses. Is that fair? No. So even though Tom instigated this one to get a free cruise I’m still happy he won this one. I know, spoilers, but I reviewed this earlier this week. Plus, it’s the only thing I could remotely connect to Summer from this week’s fights and I somehow managed to stay through to the end despite my initial concerns. Why stop now?

“Dog Days” final round

The Battlefield: Tom & Jerry #344 (Whitman Comics; 1982) “The Ship’s Cat”

The Promoters: Darned if I know. No credits were given anywhere.

As you may recall from Tuesday’s review, Tom used Jerry and Tuffy to get a free cruise by offering to catch the mice. Jerry and Tuffy could have hidden somewhere on the boat, or pretended to get caught and maybe work some other deal on their own, but instead they hid Tom’s seasick pills so he couldn’t chase them. That didn’t last, and now Tom is seasick free!

You know they'll do it, too.

Expect to see this in the upcoming Tom & Jerry/Titanic crossover.

However, the captain has been a jerk to Tom most of this story, as if Tom had worked for him for years instead of hours at best.

“I can do the Macarena!” “Tuffy, you promised never to do that again. EVER!”

Because Tom deserved a victory more than Wile E. Coyote.

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