“I didn’t say ‘oh shoot’, I said ‘no chute’!”

The Phantom #8

Moonstone (2005)

“The Aviatrix” part 2

WRITER: Ben Raab


INKER: Ken Weaton


COVER ART: Doug Klauba

LETTERER: Jeff Eckleberry

EDITORS: Joe Gentile & Garrett Anderson

PHANTOM CONSULTANTS: Dr. Bryan Shedden & Ed Rhoades

I didn’t learn about this run until this issue, but I followed it all the way through. I’ll only be reviewing the comics I haven’t reviewed yet during This Week’s Reviews and Today’s Comic, when the comics first came out, although I do plan to reread them as part of the comic organizing project.

From what I can tell, the daughter of one of the Phantom’s old “dance partners”, the sky pirate Sala, has kidnapped a group of CEOs to hold them for ransom for money earmarked for a Third World assistance fund, which she also demand the companies help anyway. Sara is also trying to prove that The Phantom is her father, which a DNA test debunks. Angry and with only the company whose CEO Diana stood in for paying their part of the ransom, she decides to kill her and the CEOs, but the Phantom steps in. She tries to escape on a stealth fighter but the Phantom manages to hitch a ride. She ejects only to find the Jungle Patrol (called by the CEO Diana stood in for) waiting for him, while the Phantom gets a little help from Sala.

What they got right: One of the things I like about the Moonstone run is that they aren’t afraid to build on the Phantom legacy, which leads to good stories like this, featuring the daughter of one of the previous Phantom’s enemies and their group, the all-female air pirates known as the Sky Band. It shows a tighter connection to the comic strip, even if these stories still aren’t canon to the newspaper comics.

What they got wrong: But I’d like to know how she got her hands on a stealth bomber. Sky pirate or not that’s hard to come by. That’s a military plane. I doubt she’s THAT good.

Recommendation: Get used to me telling you to buy these comics. The Moonstone run is my favorite non-newspaper run on The Phantom.


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  1. […] I already reviewed before my big sorting project. That means if you want to see how this story ends I’ve already reviewed the conclusion. Next week I’ll resume where I left off. I still maintain that #8 was the first issue I […]


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