This latest tournament has been under a summer theme, and I originally thought I wasn’t going to get 12 fights due to not knowing every fight in my collection. Fights are cool but it’s not the only think I look for in a comic. Some victories come without a punch or a laser. However, I managed to stick it out even if I didn’t win any of the rounds. Which is why despite a perfect fight for the “fall” theme of the Prize Fight, I’m saving it for a tournament I feel like I deserve a Prize Fight spot. This is more about promoting the fight and hoping others will join us in the next tournament, which hopefully won’t have a theme or will be one I can better equip myself for since I don’t want to be the buzzkill and everyone loves a good challenge except for the lazy people.

So let’s go to another fight you won’t be seeing the review for until tomorrow. As I said the theme is fall and the rules are that the fight has to end with the loser falling. But why not start with the hero falling, just not in the same way?

“Dog Days” Prize Fight: Fall

The Battlefield: Adventures In The DC Universe #16 (DC Comics; July, 1998) “The Fix”

The Promoters: Steve Vance (writer), John Delaney (penciler), Ron Boyd (inker), Bob LeRose (colorist), and Janice Chiang (letterer)

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is being visited by Green Arrow Connor Hawke. Of course no superhero visit, even in their secret identities, is a quiet time and our heroes have to deal with gang bangers. Green Arrow asks to be dropped off here.

Yes, have your friend ride the namesake of his secret identity. Not a good move, Kyle

Not the best fight, but probably the most fun to watch. This is the official entry, but Kyle was thinking about the other kind of fall.

This is why Kyle is my favorite Green Lantern.

Imagine having to rake that up?

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It’s Prize Fight Time! Head to to see who gets to take home the bragging rights of the Dog Days tournament. And please join in with the Friday Night Fighters for the next tournament. All you need is blog space and a comic collection. Rules are posted on Tuesdays during the main tournament.

Review coming tomorrow.

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