“That fly is around here somewhere.”

The Phantom #10

Moonstone (2006)

“Slave Trade” part 2

WRITER: Chuck Dixon


INKER: Peter Guzman

COLORIST: Ken Wolak with Dave Alusik & Wally Lowe

COVER ART: Doug Klauba

LETTERER: Terri Boyle


The reporters hop the train just as the slavers get close. While the train manages to escape them, they plan to slow them down with fake Witch Hunters blocking the tracks long enough for the helicopters to close the gap. The Phantom exposes them and then fights off the slavers from the copters until the train makes it through the tunnel, blocking escape until they reach Bangalla. Instead of funding the slavers the Phantom suggests Kathy used the money to help the reporters fund their expose on the slave trade in Africa.

What they got right: There’s certainly a lot of action as the Phantom kicks slaver butt as well as the fake Witch Hunter. While Kathy and the reporters are basically useless to the events they do offer hope of exposing the slave trade, so they do benefit the ending as well as demonstrating the practice of buying slaves to free them is well-meaning but in the end does more harm than good.

What they got wrong: Although finding a way to make Kathy and the reporters mean more to the story itself wouldn’t have been a bad thing. And why was our fake Witch Hunter wearing his cell phone (possibly a Blackberry given the time and design) when he went out to slow the train? It’s a dumb move that does him in.

Recommendation: Another good Phantom story, which is typical of this run. I highly recommend the Moonstone run of the Phantom.


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