And you thought you had issues with technology.

Superman Adventures #22

DC Comics (August, 1998)

“War Games” part 1

WRITER: Mark Millar

PENCILER: Aluir Amancio

INKER: Terry Austin

COLORIST: Marie Severin

LETTERER: Lois Buhalis


EDITOR: Mike McAvennie

Computer-caused disasters are happening all over Metropolis, and they’re keeping Superman busy. Even Lex Luthor is being threatened by this financially and physically. It’s not Livewire; she’s still comatose. Lois and Jimmy find the source only to have all the computer terminals explode with them trapped in the basement. Unaware of this Superman and Professor Hamilton also locate the source…the Fortress Of Solitude and Brainiac. He’s escaped from the Krypton orb and built a new body and ship. Now he’s planning to nuke Earth. Hamilton gets the orb for Earth’s history just as Brainiac sends Superman to the Phantom Zone!

What they got right: Don’t get wrong. I like this version of Brainiac, and I like to see him pop up from time to time. It’s not really a mystery because we don’t get to play along, but for a kids story it has decent suspense, and Millar is not afraid to have Superman not in time to save people, but still “cloaks” the deaths for any younger readers who can’t handle it while leaving it there for those who can.

What they got wrong: However, Brainiac usually shows up again thanks to back-up copies hidden all over cyberspace…kind of like Ultron in a way. There is no explanation given for how Brainiac escapes the Kryptonian history orb. I’m also wondering why it’s still an orb when Superman usually gets his history through a rectangular device that came with his ship in the show.

Recommendation: Hows aside the story is off to a good start. It’s worth getting if the finale (which due to schedule will probably be in a few weeks) holds up.

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