“I hate going into the basement.”

Voltron: Defender Of The Universe vol. 2 #11


Devil’s Due (December, 2004)

main story

WRITER: Marie Croall

PENCILERS: Alitha Martinez & Clint Hilinski

COLORISTS: David Messina & Ben Hunzeker

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

EDITOR: Mark Powers

“Midman 77723”

WRITER: Mark Waid

ARTIST: Kalman Andrasafsky

COLORIST: David Messina

LETTERING: Dreamer Design

On their way back to Arus the team picks up a Drule distress signal on what appears to be an abandoned Arusian ship. Hoping it’s Sven and Arus in need of that tech, they head for the source. Meanwhile, Merla is still fighting with Haggar, but now Merla is strong enough to fight back with her telepathy. During the trip, Allura has a vision from her father, telling her to use Voltron to defend others as well as Arus. On the mission, Keith and Allura butt heads; Keith worried about losing another member of his team but Allura determined to reclaim the ship and hopefully Sven. Pidge detects a partly cloaked ship outside while inside Allura comes across Lotor about to be killed by some Drule woman named Sojorn while Keith and Lance find the ship rigged to explode!

In Zarkon’s tale, he is now Midman 77723, seeking advice from the higher ranked Gloryman Sturrk, a man who appears to be playing with toys but is actually planning strategies. That hasn’t helped him claim this planet while the soldiers die in battle. Maybe that’s why it was easy for Zarkon to set up a murder, take charge, and win the planet, helping to secure his future as king of the Ninth Supremacy.

What they got right: I like seeing Keith and Allura having different ideas on how to respond to Sven’s apparent death. Keith is worried about losing another of his team while Allura is thinking about the future of her people and hoping Sven isn’t lost. And both have good points, which is why I’m glad Croall doesn’t try to make one more right than the other. She leaves it up to the reader or what ends up being right in this case in the next part of the story. With the backup, Waid comes up with original rankings for the Drules (Lowman, Midman, Gloryman) instead of using typical Earth rankings. It makes more sense and it’s easy to tell who is the higher rank from the names.

What they got wrong: Ending the comic here. There is one more story, at least for the main storyline, that they could have published but didn’t. Instead it’s exclusive to the Omnibus, leaving the floppies on a cliffhanger. What idiot would buy all the individual issues and they fork over more for the omnibus just to get the last few pages, since the Zarkon backstory, while in the collection, ends here?

Oh right, me. More on that later tonight.

Recommendation: I recommend getting the Omnibus if you can so you can have all the stories, including the final part of this cliffhanger that they didn’t publish. And it’s a great series, which any Voltron fan should have in their library. I’m going to miss reading it.


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  1. Sean says:

    I have issues 1 through 10 of this, but don’t have issue 11. I hope to get issue 11 some time at the two stores where I usually look for back issues. Issue 11 does sound very action packed and compelling. Definitely something I plan to add to my Voltron comics collection. You are correct in that it doesn’t make me sense for me to buy the Omnibus just for the one originally unpublished issue. Guess I’ll just have to be happy with reading what you write about the never before published true last issue. One of my gripes with 21st century comics is that there’s too many mini-series and limited series. Remember when Marvel’s Transformers went over Issue 100? Wouldn’t that have been cool if Devil’s Due had published over 100 issues of Voltron? For instance, I thoroughly enjoyed the recent He-Man/Thundercats comic book series. I wish it ran longer than the 5 issues it went. I did notice that MASK is still being published by IDW…it’s now on issue 10. Plus, it appears that Titan’s Robotech will keep on publishing. It’s not a limited series.


    • You’re thinking of something else. Transformers never got past 80. For various reasons the 90s started to hate high numbers on comics. It was no longer a badge of honor, so it’s rare to see a modern comic that doesn’t relaunch just to reboot their numbers.


      • Sean says:

        Oh, I confused Transformers with Star Wars. Marvel’s Star Wars did go over the 100 issue mark. But I did know that Transformers ended with a high number. 70s is pretty high. I find it odd that a high issue number is no longer seen as a badge of honor. To me, it shows longevity. Longevity is something I see value in. Then again, today everything has to be “fresh and new” all the time. That’s what society has become.


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