No, this has nothing to do with Hordak. Instead it’s a horde of Deviants, a race in the Marvel Universe I know little about. I do know that at this moment in tonight’s offering they’re up to no good. And they’ve made a mistake of going after Danny Rand, who has the power to make his fist unto a thing of iron. Or something like that. It’s only one panel since I have a lot to do before Monday to avoid a potential hiatus, because I had enough of that last year, but it should do well.

Unfortunately this also means subjecting you to John Ostrander’s attempt at humor in the captions. For this I am so very sorry.

“Roundhouse” round 5

The Battlefield: Heroes For Hire #6 (Marvel Comics; December, 1997) “Deviants Attack!”

The Promoters: John Ostrander (writer), Pascual Ferry (penciler), Jaime Mendoza (inker), Joe Rosas (colorist), and Jon Babcock (letterer)

We come in right at the start of part two, with me missing part one. The “last issue” page they used to have fills us on. The Heroes For Hire were asked to help rescue an Eternal being forced to take part in a plot by an evil Deviant. I did a review for the rest. You know why he’s here, let’s get the punching done.

Still better than his Netflix opening.

Why did Iron Fist need a team again?

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