I would have done this last week but I wanted to see who else joined in. Last year we had people who joined in afterwards or didn’t use the #ArtSoundoff hashtag on Twitter so I missed them. And this year they said “as long as you do one, you participated”, which I suppose was always true.

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention to my morning videos this month, Art Soundoff is a micropodcast challenge for comic creators to discuss their art day, history, or whatever they want to discuss, with prompts given to those who can’t think of a discussion topic. I tend to do my own, and only take part weekdays. But I do like to take time to showcase the other people participating, because that’s one of the benefits of the challenge–to find new and interesting creators discussing their craft. So tonight, if you haven’t been following the other participants, I bring the people besides me discussing their creative goals. Some of these can be played here, while others will be links. (Probably all links on Patreon.)

The first two are the guys responsible for Art Soundoff. Jerzy Drozd has been mentioned here so many times I actually had him participate in the Seduction Of The Innocent discussion. He does this through an old microcast he used to do during the Art & Story days called Thunder Punch Daily. The topic for this one is “Managing Expectations”.

Rob Stenzinger is the other half of the Lean Into Art duo, and he does his Art Soundoffs through his personal podcast, Polytechnicast. In his first installment he discusses the Art Soundoff challenge as well. I couldn’t link to his audio so you’ll have to travel to his website. But it’s worth it.


For some reason I’m the only other returning contributor, at least as of this writing. None of the participants from the last two showed up, except for one who didn’t finish last year’s. We start with Marshall Lee from Donkey Jaw Projects. Like me he’s utilizing his already existing YouTube channel to make his discussions, and in later posts has even taken advantage of it.

dee Juusan is currently working on a comic called Grey Is… and works in a manga style. It’s the tale of two friends who meet up again as one’s life is crashing around him.

Leana is the participant from last year I mentioned. Well, she’s back again and I hope she makes it through to the end. This is another you’ll have to follow the link to but worth it.


Our last participant as of this writing is Joshua Suber, a college student just entering the comics world. Good luck, Joshua!

To follow everyone check out the #artsoundoff hashtag on Twitter. Remember to go to the “latest” list to see the latest posts. And if you’re a comic creator, it’s not to late to join in.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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