Well, the pain meds have kept me down but not…actually, it kind of did keep me out as I did a lot of sleeping. Even now my eyes are a little sleepy but I’ve missed enough action this week. I have an anniversary post to make tomorrow and a Friday Night Fight tonight so here’s where I start coming back. I’ve also only reviewed two comics this week, which limits my choices.

Speaking of coming back, Screaming Mimi wasn’t a very notable villain, and as Songbird Melissa Gold started out as the most sky, but after our last visit with her she’s gained a whole lot of confidence. This is a good thing when you and your boyfriend have to fight a monster. Because that’s how comic worlds work. You go out, you have some fun, you fight a monster…just another date.

Roundhouse round 6

The Battlefield: Thunderbolts #9 (Marvel; December, 1997) “Life Lessons”

The Promoters: Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley, & Vince Russell (the credits forgot to say who did what), Joe Rosas (colorist), & Dave Lanphear (letterer)

Songbird and MACH-1 come across a monster rampaging through New York. Why is he there? Darned if I know.

I don’t think this officially qualifies as holding Thor’s hammer.

Justice like lightning indeed. Hmm….Sonic constructs versus light constructs. In another reality we got a Songbird versus Star Sapphire fight.

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