In 2008 I was home recovering from the hospital. I”m hoping this isn’t a trend for every eight years. I couldn’t go to work (I had a job back then), I couldn’t go anyplace; all I could do is sit there and read the internet or watch TV and online video. That was it. It was during this time that I discovered blogging. I had read sites like X-Entertainment (the precursor to Dinosaur Dracula) but a bigger blogging community I was not aware of. I spent my recovering reading sites like the original Comic Coverage, Siskoid’s Blog Of Geekery, Slay Monstrobot Of The Deep, and Comics Should Be Fun, and even replied to them. Soon my replies were reaching the three paragraph mark so I decided “if I have that much to say, why don’t I start my own blog?”, which was done.

On November 16th, 2008 the very first article was published to BW Media Spotlight, a defense of the Spawn cartoon. I don’t like the Spawn cartoon. Like the comic it’s dark, bloody, violent, and spiritually ignorant despite the heaven versus hell theme. However, the art and animation were good (at least the two episodes I could make myself watch), it did what it set out to do, and Keith David was perfectly cast and utilized as Al Simmons. It set up a point that I’ve kept throughout this site: I don’t have to like something to acknowledge it’s good, if only to the target audience, and I don’t have to hate something because it’s considered bad by anyone else. The opinions in my reviews are exclusively my own as I did into the art of storytelling.

Last year I wrote very few reviews and commentaries thanks to multiple hospital trips. Many of the articles were videos by other people or shorter reviews or article links. This year I wrote a lot more, so since there was no anniversary post last year I’m combining the two years. If you’re new here then one of these articles may be up your alley. As usual, “year” covers November 16th on, in this case November 16th, 2015 through November 16th of 2017.

Year Seven

It was at this point that Diverticulitis and colon surgery (plus a surprise blood clot–2016 was a nightmare!) forced a five month hiatus, with four posts in January, 2016, and two of them were reporting that I went to the hospital. I kept up with Twitter and Facebook as best I could given how tired I was and how taxed the patient WiFi was but any articles posted in January and May were mainly progress reports. My thanks again for the well-wishes I received around this time. In June I slowly returned to normal BW operations.

  • Of Course I Have An Opinion On DC Rebirth: One of the things I was jumped by upon my return to paying attention to something other than my internal mechanisms was DC Rebirth, an attempt to undo the mistakes of the New 52 without undoing their new universe. So far they seem to be doing well (although it could just be because Marvel is botching it so badly right now), but at the time I was highly skeptical that the people responsible for this mess were the right ones to fix it. In a follow-up I looked at the story itself and I’m still not convinced using the Watchmen is a good plan. But DC isn’t going to let that property go without a fight.
  • Trope Shark: Tsundere: Mostly appearing in anime this is a character type I hate as much as many Western anime fans hate moe.
  • Maybe Hydra Started A Cab Company?: Remember when we didn’t yet know just how bad Captain Hydramerica was going to be? And then the story came out and we found out it was worse than we thought?
  • Captain PSA #8: I wish I had more ideas for Captain PSA comics. If kids get the wrong idea from superhero stories as critics claim, imagine living in that universe.
  • The Star Trek Fan Film Prime Directives: After the questionable Kickstarter for Axanar I understand why CBS got concerned about how Star Trek fan filmmakers create their shows. Their response, however, was a bit strong.
  • Scanning My Collection: My First Batman Comic: This is the comic that influences how I judge Batman stories because it was my first. Not every Batman story requires the usual rogues gallery, and Frank Miller isn’t the one who brought Batman stories out of the Silver Age!
  • The Wrong Reason To Support Bad Media: I’m for getting more women and minority hero stories out there, but do you want to risk supporting crap in the hopes they’ll be good ones down the line? Don’t forget who runs Hollywood. They aren’t too bright.
  • How Zendaya Can Benefit Mary Jane Watson: It turns out that wasn’t the character she played in Spider-Man Homecoming, but I stand by what I wrote there, and I’m usually one of the people who demands the actor resemble the character. I’m still waiting on a fully accurate Jimmy Olsen.
  • Fans Versus Fandom: I love being a fans of good things and meeting fellow fans. Fandoms, on the other hand, can be a bunch of jerks who ruin things for everyone who doesn’t follow their level of fandom or personal perspective.

Year Eight

  • Disney’s Live-Action Infatuation: Notstalgia is worse when it’s the original creators involved as Disney seems to have a problem with their animated legacy.
  • The War On Santa Claus: I get mad when people try to ruin Christmas. First it was anti-religious zealots (funny how that works) attacking Jesus and those who believe in him with anti-Christmas displays. Now even Santa Claus is under attack. There are people out there who really hate Christmas or anything that’s fun. Especially after a Morning Article Link a few days later that showed the benefits of kids believing in Santa!
  • Sing Me A Story: Baby It’s Cold Outside: Oddly the controversy of this song isn’t being a Christmas staple that had zero to do with Christmas.
  • Parody: The New Not-Stalgia?: As if false nostalgia wasn’t bad enough, now we have to deal with mockstalgia. What’s worse, ignoring what made an old show beloved or trashing it?
  • Humans And Autobots Are Friends (Or Should Be): In which I voice my annoyance that there are too many “humans hate the good guys” stories in the Transformers multiverse, or at least the adult side.
  • Legacy And Diversity Versus The Sliding Timeline:  Marvel’s inability to make diverse characters has nothing to do with reader racism or sexism but by the rules comics themselves set up years ago and failing to heed the lesson DC learned when they tried to replace beloved characters.
  • Celebrities And Culture: In which Hollywood’s most famous complain about Donald Trump’s ego by showing how big theirs are, and it’s oddly not a political rant on my part. What would Hollywood look like without the current big names? Short version: they’d make new big names.
  • The Hurt Locker Is A Liar: I didn’t have anything to do with this video, but if you thought The Hurt Locker was a realistic portrayal of the second Iraq war you really need to find out how wrong you are.
  • Scanning My Collection: Batman – Digital Justice: Before there was Terry Guinness there was James Gordon. The computer-drawn Batman graphic novel most of you have never heard of.
  • Updating Versus Re-imagining: In this V-Log I discuss the differences and my problem with the latter.
  • Costume Versus Cosplay: Something else I didn’t work on, but you need to see, as former Mythbuster Adam Savage discusses what makes cosplay more than just putting on a costume.
  • When Characters Stop Being People: Now they’re just names and concept to people who forget why those names and concepts became so popular in the first place and applying that to new characters. It’s called being lazy.
  • In Defense Of Mascot Characters: There’s a lot of hate for the “kiddie characters” like Godzooki and Snarf, but I’m not one of those people. So what DOES make for a good or bad mascot character?
  • Free Comic Inside: She-Ra’s Disappearing Treasure: Just to remind you that death by butterfly is She-Ra’s favorite attack.
  • Building A Better Trailer: People who made Star Wars: The Last Jedi are urging people to avoid the trailers, but not because they hate what they made. Rather because the trailers tend to ruin the movie before you see it, the opposite of their job.
  • Finally Watched: Fantastic Voyage: The first of a new article series where I go over movies I’ve always wanted to see but hadn’t until now. I also started one for reviewing the 80s He-Man newspaper comics.
  • Albegas: The Voltron That Wasn’t: As part of reviewing the Devil’s Due run on Voltron comics and my Saturday Night Showcase “Voltronathon” I did two articles on Voltron’s secret past. This one featured that one toy 80s kids saw (and maybe even had) but never saw on TV.
  • Daltanious, The Voltron That Should Have Been: The other article looked at the show World Events Productions originally planned to use as the Lion Voltron until they saw the one they went with.

There was also my review of the infamous book Seduction Of The Innocent that went into far more multi-part articles than any other Chapter By Chapter review to date. That took up a huge part of my summer but I stand by the reasons I did it, and I don’t regret doing it. Although I was so glad when it was over. All of that brings us to year 9 of BW Media Spotlight. At this point I’m just hoping to go without another hiatus, but since this isn’t my job (unless you guys want to make it my job) I need to find employment, and I can’t say until then what affect this would have on my posting schedule. I hope you guys have enjoyed what I’ve done thus far and look forward to what we’ll be discussing for the next twelve months here at the Spotlight.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    The Voltronathon of videos, comic book reviews, articles, and cartoon reviews has been fun to see on here. Very informative too.


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