Another cover of Thunderbolts fighting heroes? Is the secret out already?

Heroes For Hire #7

Marvel Comics (January, 1998)

“The Thunderbolts Take Over!”

WRITER: John Ostrander

PENCILER: Pascual Ferry

INKER: Jaime Mendoza


LETTERER: Jon Babcock

EDITOR: Mark Bernardo

Ghuar decides not to risk any more Deviants, claiming he’s won because he can reform the Anti-Mind whenever he chooses. Kro and Thena agree to part so she can protect the children and White Tiger offers to take them to Wundergore in the hopes the High-Evolutionary could help the kids control their fusion…and reveals she was created by the High Evolutionary. Sersi and Black Knight part ways, Dane still unsure of his feelings after Crystal died during Onslaught but she sends the Heroes back to the submarine they came in. Danny doesn’t get time to chew out Hammond for adding Ant-Man without his knowledge because Scott’s daughter Cassie accidentally stumbled onto the Super-Adaptoid, a liquid robot who can take on the forms and powers of whomever touches it, and it absorbed her and her mind. With the Heroes For Hire still hours away, Hammond calls on the Thunderbolts for help. Citizen V hopes to use this to gain Oracle Inc.’s files as well but they’re protected so Techno can only get the Super-Adaptoid information. Citizen V plans to kill the girl but the Heroes arrive, so they’re forced to join forces. Meteorite comes up with the idea of Scott reaching out to his daughter, who wakes up and defeats the creature herself. The Thunderbolts take the remains and Citizen V takes the credit, but now Hammond isn’t too sure about these new “heroes”.

What they got right: I understand the Heroes accepting Citizen V’s explanation for why the Super-Adaptoid took parts of their Masters Of Evil personas instead of their Thunderbolt personas. It’s also amusing seeing Hammond talk about the original Citizen V and insulting Zemo as well as Luke making a comment about Goliath back when the two fought over the name Power Man.

What they got wrong: Where IS Jolt in this story? Back in school? Somewhere else? She’s missing to help protect the Thunderbolts secret but wouldn’t she buy the excuse just as well as the Heroes did? And why is Atlas never at his normal human size except while riding the V-Wing in one panel? He’s always at least double human height if not larger. And there’s still Ostrander’s narrator choices. And by extending the previous storyline to a few pages here all the space needed to properly set up Cassie being in the building and running across the imprisoned Super-Adaptoid ends up getting lost.

Recommendation: A good story, especially if you’re following the Thunderbolts’ comic. Plus it has the end of the previous storyline so it’s worth getting to complete the series.


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