While the meaning of Thanksgiving in the United States has been lost thanks to people who only look at the bad parts of our past and make the good parts look bad, people still gather together with family to give thanks for the good parts of the year as the Pilgrims of old once did. Some even still invite the neighbors over in gratitude.

But one tradition everyone can join in on. Back when Mystery Science Theater 3000 aired on Comedy Central every Thanksgiving a marathon of the most favored episodes would get run, with special gags included featuring the cast hosting the introduction to each episode. This year will be no different, although it’s moved online thanks to Shout Factory, the current video distributors of the series (not counting the episodes the Rifftrax team also releases). And with the new season available on Netflix (no, I haven’t seen it–I don’t have Netflix), we will not be getting those episodes as part of the livestreamed marathon because that’s how Netflix operates.

So where can you see the stream? There are a number of ways so pick your favorite:

  • Shout Factory’s official website: Shout Factory TV, the free streaming site Shout Factory runs, has an exclusive page for the livestream. There are also chat areas so you can riff along with Joel, Mike (but not Jonah), and the bots alongside the rest of the MST3k fans.
  • Twitch: Although mostly used for video game Let’s Play livestreams, there are people who stream other things via the site. Shout Factory runs their own channel for livestreaming events, including this marathon. (As I write this they’re running a stream from Rifftrax for some reason.)
  • Pluto TV: A multichannel livestreaming service that operates similar to a cable/satellite company, but consisting mostly of stuff from the internet and a few other channels in partnership with companies. I mean no local news or HBO or anything; these are all unique channels. You can watch the MST3K channel (which also has a live chat for fan riffing) or the Shout Factory channel or a bunch of other neat channels. There’s also a Rifftrax channel but I don’t think they’re carrying the event, plus a lot of other cool channels you may want to check out. Another way is to download the app or browser, depending on your viewing device of choice (mobile, select smart TVs, and Windows or Mac). You have options.
  • YouTube: The final method is through the official (Shout Factory run) MST3K YouTube channel. The archive of the segments will be posted there and you can always watch the episodes they announce through Shout Factory’s page or whomever else posted the episode since Shout Factory and Best Brains (the people behind the show) haven’t seemed to care if they’re posted anywhere. I bet Netflix does, though.

Whatever method you choose, have a happy Thanksgiving and after your meal sit down with the family and watch a man and his robot puppets make fun of bad movies for a few hours. What more can you ask for? Perhaps one last link to the official Mystery Science Theater 3000 website?

And please don’t go shopping on Thanksgiving. Don’t support the stores keeping employees working unless you know all of them aren’t celebrating either. Except for the grocery stores. You might need more cranberries and I’m not talking you out of it. But as someone who worked in a grocery store on Thanksgiving, please be kind to the employees. They’ve probably been very busy all morning. I know I was. And we didn’t get hazard pay.

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A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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