Ratchet questioned accepting Sixshot’s offer to train for the Decathalon.

Transformers: Devastation #3

IDW Publishing (November, 2007)

WRITER: Simon Furman

ARTIST: Nick Roche

COLORIST: Zac Atkinson


LETTERER: Neil Uyetake

EDITOR: Andrew Steven Harris

With no contact from, the Decepticon “human” agents plan to proceed as planned. Hunter tries to learn all he can about Headmasters from Sunstreaker, who is being used to connect to the Machination’s Headmasters. Hot Rod and Wheeljack manage to get past them and continue on to rescue Ironhide. Ratchet isn’t so lucky with Sixshot and after a long chase sends Verity and Jimmy off to protect them. But just as he’s about to get slagged the other Autobots arrive. But are any of these various factions prepared for the arrival of the Reapers?

What they got right: Individually any of these stories would have been fascinating reading.

What they got wrong: The problem is Furman is more ADD than I am. Putting all of these stories together–Sixshot and probably the Reapers, the Headmasters and the Machination, and the continuing story of the Decepticon agents–means you can’t focus on any one story and not bounce between tales. Skywatch doesn’t even get to play this issue and we know that story is still out there somewhere.

Recommendation: A good issue as part of the miniseries but it would have been better had only one or two stories been the focus. Worth checking out I guess.

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