He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is only one two-part episode of He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe, “The House Of Shokoti”. However, it wasn’t intended to be a two-parter. According to interviews on my DVD collection of the first season it was just one episode, but it was too long for one episode and they couldn’t cut out anything, so they went with more than one part. However, it wasn’t long enough for two episodes on it’s own, so they padded out the story, adding the character Masque to create a shorter story.


The episode also introduces royal archaeologist Melaktha and his young assistant Stanlan, who would show up again in a later episode. I do wonder how different the story would have been has they not padded out the story? Also, no spoilers as to whom stops Masque in part one.



Well, we know Masque (and presumably Trap-Jaw, and possible Orko given what happens) was not part of the original story. So probably everything they do wouldn’t have happened had the story somehow remained as originally intended. We would have had the Sorceress calling He-Man and telling him about the nomad, Adam would go to Melaktha, and we’d be at the temple with Adam, Ram Man, Cringer, Melaktha, and Stanlan, no Orko, Trap-Jaw, or phony tour guide.

Speaking of the nomad, that scene did get at least as far as the storyboard. Here’s an old trivia video from the official YouTube channel, which also hosts this episode as of this writing:

I find it funny that an episode that had to be padded out ended up with scenes on the cutting room floor.


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  1. Sean says:

    I like how Ram Man keeps calling Shokoti names such as Shobooti and Shoboobi. Lol! This was a very good 2 part episode. I do wish Filmation had kept the nomad scene in the cartoon. Even so, I did like the educational aspect of this 2 parter episode because it explained what archaeology is and even showed archaeology in action.


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