English: A Philips CDi console with controller...

A Philips CDi console with controller. This is possibly a 400 series model, though the poster didn’t think to check specifically at the time. I have a 550 with built-in digital video card.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Compact Disk Interactive system, or CD-I, was produced by Philips after Nintendo screwed them over like they did Sony. However, the CD-I wasn’t as popular, even as Philips tried to promote it as a multimedia system, playing Video CDs (the predecessor to the DVD) as well as educational software. Philips also played into the “full motion video” craze and since that was rarely a source of good games that hurt them as well, even after partnering with Magnavox. You may remember during my Video Game Clutter pilot for my other site (and if I can get a video capture device that works with old systems I can finally make that a series) I mentioned having one of the Magnavox systems and I rather enjoy most of the games I bought for it.

However, the system is really vilified by the gaming community, heaping most of its collective ire against the Mario and Zelda games they managed to produce from the failed deal, which admittedly aren’t very good. And yet there are good things about it. So imagine my surprise when I came across an episode of Battle Geek Plus’ Awesome Video Game Memories that actually found nice things to say about the CD-I. BGP and I were both on Reviewers Unknown when they were picked up by Channel Awesome, so this video features a guest appearance by the Nostalgia Critic, but it’s BGP member Ryan and another reviewer, Magnatrex, who do the review. I have their permission to post it here at the Spotlight, so enjoy.

Personally I thought Ryan was a bit too harsh on the edjutainment titles (Ryan, I like you and all, and maybe it’s a local thing between CT and California, but every time you said “edjumintanment” I kept thinking of Popeye 🙂 ). I’m guessing he didn’t try the Solar System title hosted by Tom “Fourth Doctor” Baker and featuring a neat “gravity golf” game. And I have a couple of lightgun games he didn’t mention: Crime Patrol and Thunder In Paradise. I don’t recall a lag with those games, and Crime Patrol is actually fun. Thunder not so much. I also have or had three other games he mentioned. Chaos Control and Wacky World Of Miniature Golf are fun games while Mutant Rampage: Bodyslam just wasn’t for me.

Still it was nice to see a review of the CD-I that was actually fair to the good games the system had. If I ever do get Video Game Clutter going I hope to showcase a few more, while acknowledging the failures. If you want to see more of Battle Geek Plus and Magnetrex, check out their YouTube channels.

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