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Tonight I was supposed to have the next installment of Finally Watched, which was pre-empted by the debut of the new Black Lightning TV show. Both of those are going to have to wait for next week. And it’s all thanks to YouTube.

You see YouTube, in their infinitely questionable wisdom, has changed their YouTube partnership policies, and it’s a change that makes me question whether or not a small creator like myself is welcome. It will depend on what I’ll be losing because soon I won’t be a partner anymore. I wasn’t making money from the videos anyway so that’s no loss. It’s the other tools I won’t have that is going to hurt me, especially when it comes to promoting my videos and it worries me that YouTube is pulling the same stunt on less popular creators that Blip did, affecting how I trust it as a platform. I explain more in the following v-log.



To clarify I’m not upset about losing the monetization. I wasn’t making anything to begin with, just under $40 shy of the threshold after years of videos. It’s all the other creative tools and fair use copyright defenses I’ll lose with my partnership (affecting reviews) plus another hit to small creators that reminds me of what happened on Blip. I don’t know if further changes will push smaller creators right out. That’s what I’m upset about losing.

Like I said I’m not done with making videos, but something I thought would be a cool video may end up an article if that’s easier. I still have things that are best done in video and those will be videos. But making the YouTube channel into anything more than it already is just became harder and I’m not sure I’m willing to put in the effort for a site I currently don’t trust to benefit a less popular creator beyond a video host. It’s a matter of what I focus on and what benefits me as a creator. We’ll see what happens either with YouTube or my own creative urges.

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