This may well be the most competent of the TV intros to get into the “Not-So Favorite” category, which may make things worse. A good intro prepares you for the show you’re about to see, but it help if it makes the show look good. Then again, you knew what you were in for when you saw the title of the show: Butt-Ugly Martians, easily a disappointment from a studio that usually makes decent kids shows, Mike Young Productions.

Created by Michael Train and developed by people who should know better, the show follows the adventures of three Martians sent to conquer Earth but end up falling in love with the planet and end up defending it from other invaders while keeping their bosses in the dark as to their progress. It sounds good…until you remember the name of the show. Then you see the intro.

The rap is…typical 90s kids theme rap dreck. Yeah, I’ve heard worse but I’d like to hear better. I’m not a huge rap fan but I can tell garbage when I hear it. It’s a theme and intro that both tells you little, and yet tells you everything. I don’t even know why you would call your heroes “butt-ugly” but that’s not the theme’s fault. It does make it’s own mistakes though. Probably the biggest mistake is showing how mediocre the CG is on this show. Even the humans are butt-ugly on this show. But again, that’s not the intro’s fault.

The biggest mistake is not explaining what “BKM” stands for…butt-kicking mode. It’s basically them calling for their powersuits to fight the villain of the week. Which is oddly stirring and heroic given the crass humor this show usually deploys.

I think their armor is supposed to look cool (to sell toys) but this animation can’t save anything. It also doesn’t tell you much about the characters. Okay, they were supposed to conquer the planet but now they just want to have fun. That’s all you learn. What’s with the battlesuits and spaceships? Not really explained. You don’t get to see any of the action, which the show did pretty well given the limited animation. On the plus side you don’t hear the names of the BUMs. Prepare yourself for the bad music puns that do nothing to explain the characters: B-Bop A-Luna, the leader, 2T Fru-T, the mechanic, and Do-Wah Diddy, the muscle. With those names you probably think they factor into their personalities or at least voices. You’d be wrong.

So why is this the most competent of not-so favorite intros? Because it prepares you for just how bad this show actually is. It’s a shame that talent like Rob Paulen, Robert Stack, and so many other good voice actors were wasted on this show. It’s not one I plan to review but you can find reviews and episodes on YouTube if you really need to see it yourself to be disappointed.

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