If you took away anything from my Black Stallion’s Ghost review of Chapter By Chapter it would be my lack of understanding horses. I don’t know a lot about them other than I tried to ride one as a little kid and even though it was a small horse I was afraid. I don’t know if it was for the same reason I don’t like roller coasters or my fear of heights or what the reason was but I never tried it again. I used to give up way too easy. I wasn’t the stubborn ox I am today. Someday I’ll tell you that story, and oddly it involves french toast and home economics class. It’s me so you shouldn’t be surprised normalcy is a rarity. Which should explain some of my fight choices.

That means I don’t know if a horse can outrace a speeding van. But if you’re the Phantom’s horse Hero, apparently you can. Just ask the driver with a skull mark on his face.

SMACK round 3

The Battlefield: The Phantom #1 (Moonstone; 2003)

The Promoters: Ben Raab (writer), Pat Quinn (artist), Ken Wolak & Dawn Broszewski (colorists), and Jeff Eckleberry (letterer)

Someone shot the Phantom’s wife. (Don’t worry, she’ll live.) You don’t do that and expect your day to end well. Of course you don’t expect to look back to see if you’re being followed and see a man in purple tights and a black eye mask riding a white horse.

Try explaining this one to the insurance company.

You should now have a new respect for mounted police officers. Apparently it’s not such a dumb idea. Imagine THAT car chase. Would have made the OJ Simpson car chase more interesting.

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  1. So it appears I forgot to send the email to Spacebooger telling him about the fight. That’s how distracted I am lately, which is poor timing due to being distracted from the Worldbuilding Project too. In other words this fight is now unofficial, but go vote anyway!


  2. Sean says:

    I remember the ox eye toast in middle school 6th grade Home Economics class. It was a piece of toast with a hole in it and the egg was cracked into that hole and cooked. That way it looked like an ox’s eye with the white of the eye and the yellow egg yolk being the pupil. If my memory is correct, you refused to participate in that cooking assignment (which besides the cooking also involved students having to eat what they cooked in order to get full credit for the assignment). Mrs. L. was not very understanding (maybe modern Home Economics teachers are more understanding, but remember this would have been 1985), and as a result she gave you an F for the ox eye toast assignment. But guess what? That was the first and only time I ever made or ate ox eye toast. One can get through life without experiencing ox eye toast and be totally fine. By the way, according to the Chinese Zodiac Calendar, I was born in the Year of the Ox. So the Ox is my Chinese zodiac animal. Seeing as you were born in the same year, you also have the Ox zodiac animal. Maybe that it is why you are as stubborn as the ox (and I can be stubborn too sometimes). By the way, Happy Chinese New Years everybody! (it was Feb. 16th). Wishing everybody good luck during this Year of the Dog.


    • Not the story I was referring to. I don’t remember if you were even in that class for the story I’m talking about.


      • Sean says:

        Oh. Then yeah I don’t know about the French toast story. Was that in high school Home Economics class or middle school Home Economics? I only took Home Economics in middle school. I never did in high school, although I wish I did because I heard they cooked some cool things in Mrs. W’s high school home ec classes. Yes, some time, you will have to tell me the French toast story.


  3. Sean says:

    Ok, then that might have happened in 8th grade. I remember that you were in my classes in 6th grade and 7th grade. Because I do remember when you wore that “Give Khadafi A Lobotomy” t-shirt in 7th grade. But by 8th grade, you were on a different team. Next time I see you, I’ll have to remember to ask about the French toast story.


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