“How much longer do I have to keep this pose?”

The Phantom #1

Moonstone (2003)

WRITER: Ben Raab

ARTIST: Pat Quinn

COLORISTS: Ken Wolak & Dawn Groszewski

COVER ART: John Cassaday

LETTERER: Jeff Eckleberry

EDITORS: Joe Gentile & Garrett Anderson

The Phantom rescues a boy who escaped a diamond-digging slave camp working for the terrorist Ali Gutaale. But he has to attend a conference where Diana is a key speaker supporting a new UN anti-terrorism measure. However, Ali and his men are there as well, one of them attempting to assassinate Diana. The Phantom gives chase only for another surprise prepared, as the building explodes!

What they got right: The art is good, the action is good, the story is good…it’s just all good.

What they got wrong: Since it’s the first issue of the ongoing series instead of a series of one-shots, each of which did recall the Phantom’s origin, it might have been a good idea to put it here as well. They don’t have to for every issue but this is the first issue of the actual series and people might not have seen the one-shots.

Recommendation: Whether through back issue or me forgetting I started getting this sooner than issue 9 I’ll be reviewing the other issues until we get caught up. I still highly recommend this series. It was very good.

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