Is this where all those superhero academy stories got their start?

Detention Comics

DC Comics (1996)

LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Eddie Berganza

Robin: “Mama’s Boy

WRITER: Denny O’Neil

PENCILER: Norm Breyfogle

INKER: Klaus Janson

COLORIST: Jason Wright

Superboy: “The Lesson”

WRITER: Ron Marz


INKER: Andrew Hennessy

COLORIST: Scott Baumann

Guy Garnder: Warrior: “Home

WRITER: Ruben Diaz

PENCILER: Joe Phillips

INKER: Dexter Wines

COLORIST: Scott Bauman

Three stories centered around school. I’m pretty sure this came out in time for the new school year.

Tim Drake’s story is easily my favorite of the three. One student has to deal with an overprotective mother. She forces his father to find the money to get him to a different school because…she’s an overbearing bi— really. The only thing he can come up with is create a new drug. But when the boy gets into the stuff it’s up to Robin to set him straight. While the mother is admittedly a bit overboard to the point she’s the only one I don’t feel sorry for the story itself is really good. It’s almost worth it for that story alone,  but there are two more.

Superboy’s story is probably the weakest but it has heart in the right places. The truant officer comes after Connor because even though he was expelled due to the danger he caused (Superman’s teenage clone had no secret identity) he’s still expected to get a tutor to further his education. However, Superboy just wants to pick up girls, and finds a trio of college girls going gaga over his stories, until the teacher shows him the advantages of an education. And it’s not just to fill your head with facts or get a job, which I see out of too many teachers. (Not the good ones, mind you.) Harlin actually sells the personal benefits of an education as well, and this story comes off less preachy than it could have, even if it’s sort of a PSA for getting an education. It’s not bad.

Apparently Diaz saw The Substitute or something before writing Warrior’s story. Guy Gardner returns to his old school to see if it’s worth saving, and has to deal with a group of meta-powered teenage punks. He joins up with one girl trying to protect the weaker kids and help the teachers save the school. It’s a good story and all but it lacks the heart of the other two stories and somehow wraps up in one day. It’s still a fun tale.

Overall, Detention Comics is an enjoyable read that’s worth getting for the first story alone but the other two pick up the slack for a mild recommendation.


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