And Xanatos and Fox were having such a romantic date.

Gargoyles #8

(yes, I’m missing #7)

Marvel Comics (September, 1995)

“Terror In Times Square”

WRITER: Mort Todd

PENCILER: Grant Miehm

INKER: Alberto Saichann

COLORIST: Anthony Tollin

LETTERER: John Constanza

EDITOR: Hildy Mesnik

Apparently last issue Lexington killed Wolf, a member of the mercenary group The Pack (a recurring threat from the show). But it’s actually a hologram created by “VR-X”, the Pack’s latest client, who wants to kill Xanatos for scamming him out of his patents for holographic technology. Fox (who is secretly romantically involved with Xanatos at this time) learns that the person they think is Dingo is actually VR-X, who plans to let the Pack take the fall for his actions while the real Dingo is still on the run in Europe. The Gargoyles and Elisa reluctantly protect Xanatos during a benefit event he’s sponsoring, but Fox already warned him of the impending attack and he was prepared. VR-X escapes and the Pack (minus the real Dingo) are taken back to prison, Fox willing to serve out her time. Also, Demona is meeting with some humans who think she’s an omen or something. I didn’t follow it.

What they got right: Maybe something happens in issue #7 to negate this, but this issue felt a bit more like a Gargoyles story. The writer hasn’t changes so I don’t know what did or if I’m just in a different mood today but I could see this as an episode of the show. Maybe it’s because the Pack are my favorite villains of the show?

What they got wrong: Maybe it’s explained in the previous issue, but how did VR-X get those hologram projectors into the cells and the Pack out without anybody noticing? Fox kind of suffers from the 90s problem of a waist and abs that are too thin. There’s one panel, where she’s supposed to be watching VR-X and overhearing him monologuing to himself (because how else will she learn what his deal is) and I think they’re trying to make her look sexy (and she is the sexier of the two women in the pack…mostly because she’s not a bloodthirsty psycho and not my penchant for redheads) and she just looks partly malnourished. Fox in the show is in good shape obviously given her athletic, stealth, and fighting skills but she isn’t this thin.

Other notes: Curious what the fan base thinks of this run, I did look up a Gargoyles fan site and while it’s only one person’s reaction, he’s usually the exact opposite of mine. I’m just not into the darker tone Marvel had. This didn’t really have that, so maybe my memory of the show is just that off? I haven’t seen it since it stopped airing. Of course I also liked The Goliath Chronicles so I’m betting my tastes are very different from the fan base.

Recommendation: Again, the previous issue may ruin things but I actually enjoyed this story not only as a decent story but as an adaptation. It may be worth checking out.

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