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  1. Sean says:

    I forgot about your alternate 8th Doctor logo. That’s actually pretty decent. Very clever in how the question mark is part of the logo. As fellow students at our old high school used to ask us: Doctor Who? Who’s the Doctor? The BBC should have bought your logo from you, Tronix! The 4th Doctor’s logo will always be my favorite because that was the first Doctor Who logo I ever saw because Tom Baker’s Doctor was the first Doctor Who shows that I saw on our state public television station back in the 1980s. In recent times, I only got to watch one Capaldi show. It was the one where the Doctor lands in Scotland in the time period when the native Picts were fighting back against the Romans (I viewed this around Christmas time when I was visiting my parents). I was impressed with the show and liked how it was set in a historical time period on Earth. Jodie Whittaker will surely do a great job as the first female form of the Doctor. Hey, Doctor Who is all about changes, as we’ve seen the Doctor looks so many different ways over the past 50 plus years! Us Doctor Who fans are used to change….it’s a constant in the world of the Doctor.


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