“Kit! Heloise! Who’s been playing with the light bulbs?”

The Phantom #2

Moonstone (2004)

“Stones Of Blood” part 2

WRITER: Ben Raab

ARTIST: Pat Quinn

COLORISTS: Ken Wolak & Dawn Groszewski

COVER ART: Pat Quinn (designed by John Cassaday)

LETTERER: Jeff Eckleberry

EDITORS: Joe Gentile & Garrett Anderson

The Phantom arrives to find Diana but ends up rescuing a trapped person in the building. As Kit he heads to the hospital to check on Diana in the hopes she and his kids are there, and they’re safe with the President. The operation is a success but she needs time as she lost a lot of blood. The Phantom pursues Ali Gutaale and finds the village he and his men have taken over, shutting down the operation and freeing the villagers. However, Ali manages to escape and the anti-terrorism bill is voted down. But Diana is alive and the village is free. Sometimes the Phantom takes the victories he can.

What they got right: The action is good and so is the story. Despite being worried about Diana the Phantom still takes time to rescue others. His kids are surprisingly okay with the situation because they’re used to it and they know how important the Phantom is in the battle against evil. Young Kit will someday take his place. But not today.

What they got wrong: I’ve got nothing.

Recommendation: A good two-part story to start the ongoing. I still recommend this entire run.


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