“Hey, do you mind? I’m trying to shoot that wall!”

Thunderbolts #15

Marvel Comics (June, 1998)

“Wanted Dead Or Alive!”

WRITER: Kurt Busiek

PENCILER: Mark Bagley

INKER: Scott Hanna


LETTERING: Comicraft

EDITOR: Tom Brevoort

SHIELD is still looking for the Thunderbolts, who now get new identities and jobs while hoping to win back the public trust…or whatever manipulative plan Moonstone has in mind. However, Erik learns of Dallas being brought to the Grand Jury (unaware that she’s been cleared but her career is still over) and believing it’s only a matter of time before he betrays the others decides to leave. Unfortunately for the others that’s when SHIELD finally catches up to them. And they’ve decided to team up with…oh good, it’s the Great Lakes Avengers, now calling themselves the “Lightning Rods”. This should end poorly. Meanwhile, Techno decides to clone himself a new human body, but Zemo takes offense while someone watches in the shadows. That’s not Batman, is it? No, wrong company.

What they got right: While I personally don’t want to see Moonstone corrupt Jolt (I love her the way she is), Moonstone is still in rare form. The action is good, and it was interesting seeing them get civilian jobs.

What they got wrong: That’s why I kind of wish they built a storyline around this before having SHIELD find them. I am not digging Songbird’s new attitude. I like that she’s more confident but as one of the characters I want to see become a superhero (and I know she does eventually) at this point it looked more like she was potentially returning to the mindset of a supervillain and I kind of feel sorry for MACH-1. I have no particular hate for the Great Lakes Avengers but I don’t particularly care for them either. That last one is purely personal though.

Recommendation: I’m still enjoying this series. It’s worth checking out.


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