“I don’t care if ‘The Hand’ and ‘The Foot’ are taken, ‘The Left Elbow’ is a stupid name for our group!”

Gargoyles #9

not that you’d know it from the cover, where they forgot to number the issue

Marvel Comics (October, 1995)

“The Egg And I”

WRITER: Mort Todd

PENCILER: Amanda Conner

INKER: Alberto Saichann

COLORIST: Anthony Tollen

LETTERER: John Costanza

EDITOR: Hildy Mesnik

So that group that Demona was hanging out with last issue are part of a Triad group that also happens to be a cult who see Demona as a prophesied “winged one” that will aid in birthing a gargoyle egg. Elisa and Goliath become aware when an overzealous member got one of his people arrested, which he is punished for. As an assassin tries to silence the other guy Goliath comes to the rescue, which convinces the perp to start talking. Meanwhile the assassin tries to not hurt Goliath (as another winged one) but still commits suicide to keep from being caught. Learning what Demona’s plan is they still have to wait to find out where it is, unaware that the ceremony is for hatching the egg. The Gargoyles interfere in the spell and rescue hostages. The leader of the Triad escapes with the egg, and Demona also escapes, everyone else believing the egg was destroyed.

What they got right: It’s a good conclusion to this story arc, started I think sometime during the Pack story arc. The concept of Aviaon and Angela were still a long ways off. So a story involving a found gargoyle egg is a good idea. Goliath is understandably troubled when he finds out too late that it was a gargoyle egg, although as Hudson points out being raised by Demona would be a bad thing. The kid’s better off staying in the egg.

What they got wrong: Considering where things were in the series the human hostages are oddly comfortable with their gargoyle saviors considering they are at best rumors right now. The gargoyles I mean. Hostages are a familiar concept.

Recommendation: Another good story. While I wasn’t interested in the early issues and they’re still on my purge pile at the moment the comic seems to getting better. It’s worth checking out.


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