The Winter Olympics were rather vicious this year.

Batman: Gotham Adventures #8

DC Comics (February, 1999)

“A League Of His Own!”

WRITER: Ty Templeton

PENCILER: Rick Burchett

INKER: Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge


LETTERER: Tim Harkins

EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

Based on information from the assassin last issue and Bruce’s Interpol contacts, Batman and Batgirl head to what they think is the mountain headquarters of the League Of Assassins. After being robbed by their guides of course. It’s actually the Sensei’s mountain retreat and he has some other guests as well. Batgirl takes a gun left behind by their thieving guides, which Batman isn’t happy about. The duo break into Sensei’s place and barely hold their own (Batgirl not willing to kill thus making the gun useless) until Ra’s and Talia make their appearance and stop the fight, since Ra’s still has need of Bruce Wayne alive. Not wanting to go to prison for the few days the old man has left Sensei climbs out a window and falls to his death, not realizing Ra’s may have been willing to let Batman take him but he planned to break him out. With Batman and Batgirl hurt from the fight with Sensei and his pupils the two groups part.

What they got right: Quick nod to that time Batgirl met Talia in a previous DCAU comic, which I don’t remember happening in the cartoon. It was the same writer but still welcome. This was a satisfying conclusion to the League Of Assassins storyline that popped up a few times before this story arc involving Boston Brand’s murder, the Hunchback, and finally here.

What they got wrong: The one-sided gun debate. While Batman and Sensei were both right in a few places Barbara isn’t totally in the wrong, unless you believe this story.

Other notes: Of course this isn’t the end of the League, as Batman Beyond also had to deal with them on multiple occasions in the cartoon. In fact if memory serves we never see modern-day Batman fight the League on his show. They’re just Terry’s problem.

Recommendation: A good story on it’s own and a fine conclusion to the story arc. Worth picking up.


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