Look who’s back in the Fights!

Doing reviews of my old comics gives me six potential entries in the Friday Night Fights each week. Sometimes I’ll be reviewing a series that more often than not gives the best fight of the week compared to whatever else I review, which means you see a lot of repeat entries. If I can do something different with the same character or group I’m all for it. For example the Phantom has been showing up a lot in my entries, especially during the Moonstone run, which is probably some of the best Phantom comics this side of the comic strip it comes from. However, in this week’s offering the Phantom isn’t the hero. He’s actually the one being saved, or at least one of his ancestors is. And she’s pretty famous too.

SMACK! round 6

The Battlefield: The Phantom #3 (Moonstone, 2004) “Curse Of The Phantom” part 1

The Promoters: Ben Raab (writer), Nick Derington (artist), Ken Wolak & Dawn Groszewski (colorists), and Jeff Eckleberry (letterer)

Germany, 1949: The 10th Phantom is escorting Princess Sophie of Anhalt-Zerbst to be wed to the Grand Duke of Holstein. Could one of their political enemies want to kidnap or kill her? Well, her husband was later assassinated, so maybe. However, the target is not the Princess but the Ghost Who Walks, escorted upstairs by a barmaid because he must be tired from his long trip and not because his drink was drugged.

“I’ll bust a royal cap in your #% and mean it. I’m royalty!”

That was Kua The Undying One, who does manage to escape when the Phantom has to protect her from a flying knife. After, she has to become Catherine The Great. A little late for Women Appreciation Day but if you want to count it part of that, I’ll live. And so did the Phantom. And so did Kua. Everybody lives! That’s the fights I like!

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