Untrue story: The Wrecking Crew tried starting their own home improvement business but never got past the demolition stage.

Marvel Team-Up #11


Marvel Comics (July 1998)

Sub-Mariner & Iron Man: “Iron Pirates”

WRITERS: Glenn Herdling & Tom Peyer

PENCILER: Javier Saltares

INKER: Chris Ivy


LETTERER: Bill Oakley

EDITOR: Glenn Greenberg

Due to events in previous issues Namor is currently unable to breathe water without a special suit, although Doctor Strange believes it to be psychosomatic. Namor also learned that one of his people took over the throne with the help of a surface world company who was trying to mess with Atlantis’s economy, the usurper joining into business with him inspired by Namor’s previous business dealings (with more scrupulous companies I imagine) and in anger Namor attacked the surface factory, defeating the Wrecking Crew. Now Wrecker wants revenge (and Atlantian treasure), but since the business owner knows Tony Stark, Iron Man gets involved. He journeys to Atlantis to have a few words with the Sub-Mariner just as the Wrecking Crew attacks. Iron Man, Namor, and Namorita fare poorly, with Namor’s suit being damaged. He takes what he thinks are oxygen tablets so he can fight without needing the suit and this time the trio are victorious. However, Strange was right, as the pill he was given was a vitamin tablet. After these events Namor decides to cut Atlantis off from the surface world and their business dealings.

What they got right: I haven’t followed the whole story arc so I can’t judge how well the psychosomatic part worked or how it wraps up those events. This means I can judge the story on its own and it is pretty good. This is when Marvel had introduced the “previously in” gatefold to the covers and that fills in all we need to know, with the usual character reminiscing filling in any gaps. The action is pretty good and Namor’s reactions are understandable. Also, maybe it’s me but I thought the underwater suit’s design looked fairly good as a superhero costume despite the Wrecking Crew’s comments that it looked silly.

What they got wrong: Did they take a popshot at Aquaman with that bit about Namorita talking to fish?

Recommendation: Not a must-own story but a pretty good one. Worth a read.

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