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Impact Comics logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

DC Comics hasn’t been this imprint-heavy since the 90s, with Vertigo, Milestone, Impact (retooled Archie heroes, currently in Dark Circle, which is Archie and not DC), Johnny DC (when kids were able to have comics with traditional superhero stories, unlike Zoom), and that’s just the ones I remember. Now we still have Vertigo (last I’ve heard but I’ve caught rumblings) but there’s also Young Animal, Zoom, Ink, some other imprint with either “young” or “animal”, that I can’t recall, and now I’ve just heard of Black Label! Apparently this is taking classic DC heroes with even Superman getting a dark edgy makeover by Frank “who in their right mind would have me write Superman after my last two Batman tales and proof I don’t like Superman” Miller of all people. To be honest I’m not sure I like the idea of stories darker than what they currently make. There’s a reason Zac Synder’s take hasn’t taken off.

Although if they were sending Brian Michael Bendis there to write Superman I wouldn’t mind. I’ve heard what he wants to do with him and I’m not so convinced this is going to be a good idea.

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