Guess what kids? Tonight’s fight DOESN’T feature the Phantom!

Yes, we’re going to turn things up a bit this week. Instead of the Ghost Who Walks it’s old Shellhead, Imperius Rex, and…does Namorita have a nickname? The Wrecking Crew is using god magic to attack Atlantis. The Sub-Mariner isn’t happy about that, and when Namor isn’t happy, nobody else is going to be happy. And Namor is rarely happy.

SMACK round 7

The Battlefield: Marvel Team-Up #11 (Marvel Comics; July, 1998) “Iron Pirates”

The Promoters: Glenn Herdling & Tom Peyer (writers), Javier Saltares (penciler), Chris Ivy (inker), Tom Smith (colorist), and Chris Ivy (letterer)

The Wrecking crew have Iron Man and Namorita outnumbered two to one, but then Namor arrives put the odds a bit more in the favor of the good guys. Apparently “good guy” came up on Namor’s coin flip today.

Like you four are ones to talk about fashion sense.

Then we learn more about Thunderball than we ever wanted to.

Iron Man did Piledriver a favor knocking him out before hearing about Thunderball’s BDSM fetish.

As Aquaman calls his lawyer that leaves Wrecker.

The sound effect suggests all three of them punched Wrecker, but only two are winding up. Maybe because we can’t see Namorita’s legs? Or maybe that’s Wrecker’s kink?

I wonder how one feels unclean deep in the ocean?

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