I think this card game is rigged.

Transformers Spotlight: Doubledealer

IDW Publishing (August, 2008)

“Revelation” part 3

WRITER: Simon Furman

PENCILER: Dan Khanna

INKERS: Frank Mikovich & Robert Atkins

COLORIST: Liam Shalloo

LETTERER: Chris Mowry

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

continued from Transformers Spotlight: Hardhead> Dealer and Hot Rod go to the planet they liberated the Magnificence, which happens to also be where Hot Rod hid it. The whole trip Hot Rod keeps trying to put together what could have happened before they finally reach the thing and he flat out asks it if Dealer betrayed them. It says yes and Hot Rod shoots him before Doubledealer can shoot first. He then finds out all about the Dead Universe and how to get past the guardians. Meanwhile, Jetfire has been working on his own plan to protect others from the Dead Universe denizens while Cyclonus attacks an Autobot ship that got too close to the Expanse (and just happens to have the first Autobot Pretender toys as the crew) and Nemesis Prime confronts Optimus Prime. With only one thing going their way Jhiaxus activates his secret weapon, the formerly comatose Bludgeon. concludes in Transformers Spotlight: Sideswipe

What they got right: It’s a decent look into the mind of Doubledealer as he has a moment of potential conscience wrestling. We get a wrap-up to the events of Transformers Spotlight: Hot Rod as well as the heroes learning more about their new enemy.

What they got wrong: Of course it took a lazy plot device to do it. The magic yellow 8-ball just tells them everything. It’s kind of a cop-out. And Doubledealer’s story is barely a third of the whole comic thanks to the other plotlines of the Dead Universe arc.

Other notes: I’ve amended my review of Spotlight Hot Rod to note that I was wrong about the Magnificence not showing up again, but with such a cheap return I’m not surprised I forgot.

Recommendation: It’s still an interesting story, but only if you’ve followed events up to this point. Otherwise it might not be worth it.

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