The show Extra Credits has taken on a few extra series. One of them is Extra Sci-Fi, an examination of the history of science fiction. In the filler I’m posting tonight (to get my creating schedule back on track) they’ve backtracked a bit to focus on the parents of sci-fi themselves. Their first set of stories was on Frankenstein, where they talked a bit about Mary Shelley’s motivations and a few other since but not the famous creators as much as famous works. They decided to fix that starting with this video.

You can catch more Extra Sci-Fi and their other shows, including the usual Extra Credits and historical examination Extra History over on their YouTube channel.


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  1. Sean says:

    I definitely don’t consider Edgar Allen Poe as a science fiction writer. To me, he is clearly a horror writer. I also never thought of Mary Shelley as a sci fi writer, but now after watching this video, I can kind of see why some would label her as such. This was a very informative video about Jules Verne and his influence upon the world of sci fi. Thanks for posting this.


    • In the first four or so episodes of the series they go into Frankenstein’s connection to what became known as science fiction.


      • Sean says:

        I’ll have to check that. I just finished watching their video about the 80s Revolution in Science Fiction. That channel appears to have excellent videos about science fiction AND history! So another youtube channel I need to keep tabs on. Just tough to keep up. For instance, I’m still behind on Retroblasting videos and Masaman videos about world cultures!


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