Actually there will be a few links in this one. Comic creator Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is bringing his original character, the Puerto Rican superheroine La Borinqueña to visit the DC Universe in a special comic to benefit Puerto Rico’s cleanup efforts after Hurricane Maria. She’s named after their national anthem, like an American superhero named Star Spangled Banner, but I like the name. I also like her superhero costume. Despite describing himself as a “radical” in this article I still liked the story presented. If you want to know more about her this is her official website. I’m hoping he’s not using this as an opportunity to draw attention to his character, but even if he is the proceeds go to a worthy cause and I kind of want to see her in action.

Of course I said the same thing about America Chavez, and that went terribly. La Borinqueña still looks and sounds cool.

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  1. Sean says:

    Just read the various linked articles. I like how Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez includes a lot of Taino traditions in his comic book about the character La Borinquena. The Taino were the original peoples of Puerto Rico before the Spanish arrived, and most Puerto Rican people are partially of Taino ancestry. The Taino god Yucahu was mentioned in one of the articles. I actually know how to sing a Taino song about Yucahu (remember that I have a Native drum and know how to sing songs from various Native languages), and I saw the mountain that the Taino believed he lives on in Puerto Rico’s El Yunque National Park (I visited Puerto Rico once in 2004). So it was pretty cool for me to hear about Yucahu being mentioned in the La Borinquena comic. RicanStruction sounds like a worthwhile product to pick up. Here’s hoping that La Borinquena has continued success as a positive female superhero in the comics world. Plus, I’m glad to hear that money from the sales will go towards helping the island of Puerto Rico. 6 months after Hurricane Maria devastated the island, the people of Puerto Rico still need lots of help.

    On a side note, it was also cool to see that Street Fighter (my favorite 1990s arcade game from the days of the OP Arcade and when we had a 90s arcade in our hometown), is going to be produced into a live action television show. That should be a fun one to watch!


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