The Dalek Invasion of Earth

The Dalek Invasion of Earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a novelization Steven Moffat produced for the anniversary new Who team-up episode “Day Of The Doctor”, the Peter Cushing films are given sort of a canon status in the Doctor Who universe. And it’s a neat way to work them in. I personally like the movies but they are altered adaptations of the first two Dalek appearances in Classic Who, which up to now made their canon status iffy. Of course this is the novelization so whether or not the showrunners to come accept this explanation or not has yet to be seen, but I think this works.


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  1. Sean says:

    I do like that method of making Peter Cushing movies as part of Doctor Who canon. Very clever indeed! This article reminds me that I did like the 1996 Doctor Who television movie. At a time here in America when we were experiencing a Doctor Who dry spell in terms of seeing the Doctor on television (at least in the state I live in), being able to watch a Doctor Who movie on television was much needed at the time.


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