It makes sense that since we’re talking Superman’s 80th anniversary and Action Comics #1, which I just reviewed yesterday, that tonight’s fight should come from that comic. I had considered using one from the stories nobody remembers because only Zatara made any impact on today’s DC Universe, and that’s from being Zatanna’s daddy. Therefore it’s only right that, this being the final round of SMACK, that we put the star of the show center stage.

But do you know who else made their debut in this comic? Lois Lane, love interest and eventual wife of Superman as well as the mother of his son (once we found a writer who actually made that happen and not tell us Earthling and Kryptonian are biologically incompatible). And in true she-grew-out-of-it-(mostly)-later Lois fashion she gets kidnapped and Superman has to save her. Forget helicopters and space planes, here’s the real first time Superman rescued Lois.

SMACK! Final Round!

The Battlefield: Action Comics #1 (later Superman #1–National Comics Publications; June, 1938) “Superman”

The Promoters: Jerome Siegel (writer) and Joe Shuster (artist)–back then that’s all you needed

A bunch of tough guys kidnap Lois because she wouldn’t dance with their boss. Clark Kent couldn’t do much to stop them, but Superman can!

Superman is the only person who could play chicken with a car, win, and feel bad about it.

I’m not sure why they were worried about hitting him since they’re hardly the type to not kill people. Maybe he was worried the paint would get scratched? Which it is. I mean, this is 2018. If you don’t know what’s coming next it’s on purpose.

I think Bendis’ altered reason for Krypton’s destruction is blamed on a green car.

I wonder if this payback for every fictional bully named Butch who ever gave a kid a wedgie?

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