You’d think the guy who plays Nick Fury would be aware of that.

Even by what Hollywood defines (usually as an insult) as a “comic book movie”, being grounded kind of runs counter to that, but I don’t think these people understand comics. TV is good, movies are good, books are good, streaming services that act like TV are given a pass, but comics, video games, and anything created on YouTube or Vimeo by “normal people” are ridiculed and scorned. That makes me sad. “We aren’t part of it so it doesn’t matter.” 😛 By the way, that is an actual statement by Samuel L. Jackson in an interview promoting the upcoming Glass, which combines M. Night Shyamalan’s not-technically-speaking-superhero movies Unbreakable and Split. It might be grounded but it’s not a comic book movie since M. Night came up with this himself (or someone who works for him does) and it was a movie first. At best there was a comic adaptation or tie-in that I haven’t seen but that’s it. Words mean things.

Over at The Clutter Reports I read my email. Yes, that’s clutter too. Do you know what kind of backlog I have on emails? It’s worse than the DVR backlog and I worked on some of that as well. And this will give me more Morning Article Link fodder. Maybe even a commentary or two by the time I’m done.

In the comic reviews this week I’ll be finishing the Marvel mini-event “Live Kree Or Die” and taking a break from All Hail Megatron to go over a Transformers Spotlight issue. Plus we’re nearing the end of the Gargoyles comics I have. Next week I believe will be the last issue I bought, although I hear they pulled a Voltron Omnibus and finished the story in a trade. Come to think of it Gargoyles: Bad Guys did the same thing. I’m glad this didn’t become a trend. It hasn’t, right?

As for feature articles I know what I want to do but every time I say “I want to do this” more often than not I don’t get the chance to lately. So we’ll see what happens this week.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    What comic back issues series will you write articles about after Gargoyles?


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