Yep, it’s that time again. This weekend is Free Comic Book Day, where comic stores spend money to give you free comics in the hopes that you will see the wide variety and scope of comic books and become a reader. It’s costing you nothing but a little time, so why not?

Just remember to BUY SOMETHING WHILE  YOU’RE THERE BECAUSE THEY ARE TAKING A LOSS FOR YOUR BENEFIT! The comic companies still make money because the comic stores are still buying these comics. I have no money so I can’t buy anything. If you don’t have that problem BUY SOMETHING!!!!

I’m hoping to make it this year, but I haven’t driven much lately and the store has moved to a new location. I know where it is, I just have to get there. And I know when I do a lot of the good stuff will already be gone. However, I have gone over the list of available comics on their website and checked out the previews of what sounded interesting to me. So here’s the list of comics I hope they have when and if I get there.

Gold Sponsor

  • Comic Friends Forever: An all-ages anthology of different types of comic stories. The only one I’ve heard of is Zita The Spacegirl so this should be my introduction to the comic.
  • DC Super Hero Girls: A chapter from another graphic novel. I’m hoping the ongoing TV series that’s coming up means there will be an ongoing comic because kids don’t get enough of those. Of course it was easier to pick comics up for kids when they didn’t cost way over the average allowance.
  • Doctor Who: Not only is there going to be a Seventh Doctor & Ace tale but a preview of what the new 13th lady Doctor is going to be like. Despite my issues with the concept I honestly want to give this a shot. I still need to watch that Christmas episode.

You’d think I’d be interested in the Transformers offering but I’m still not a fan of the direction IDW took the series or the shared Hasbroverse. So believe it or not I’d pass on this one. Otherwise it’s setting up the Unicron appearance, which is supposed to signify at least the end of this continuity or something. I’m not really clear on the matter. But that’s the only Gold Sponsor comics (more expensive to the stores) that have my attention. So let’s go over the ones most stores will have.

Silver Sponsor

  • Crush: I’m kind of disappointed that there aren’t more superhero comics but I’m glad to see other kinds of comics get some spotlight. This is another all-ages comic about a kid who can’t talk to his middle school crush. I can relate but he’s still better off than I was. Looks interesting.
  • Ghost In The Shell: Global Neural Network: No preview on this one but I’m curious to see how Americans handle a Japanese comic series, and while I haven’t seen any of the movies (including the recent live-action movie) I did enjoy the series Stand Alone Complex.
  • Sparks: This one just looks like fun and a half. In a world where cats are looked down on two cats use a robotic dog suit to help people. It’s an interesting take on the superhero formula that I want to check out.
  • Miraculous: I’m still the only person I know who hasn’t seen this cartoon, and I would like to see the comic and get an idea what it’s about. It’s a rather popular cosplay at conventions.
  • Star Wars Adventures: I still don’t understand why Disney isn’t using Marvel to do their all-ages Star Wars comics and letting IDW handle it after taking Darkwing Duck and the Muppets from Boom, but it looks a fun story set during Solo: A Star Wars Story. Might be worth checking out.
  • The Tick: The preview is just rough pencils of a few pages, but it’s the Tick. What else do you need?
  • My Hero Acadamia/RWBY: I’ve heard quite a bit about both these properties and it should be interesting to check out. Fittingly My Hero Acadamia will be starting on Cartoon Network’s “Toonami” block later that night (11:30 ET) so that’s pretty good timing.

It’s strange that DC didn’t list any offerings outside of a sample of an existing graphic novel for little girls while Marvel has two previews for upcoming comic series. None of the Marvels interest me for different reasons.

But that’s what I’m hoping to find at Free Comic Book Day. Which comics are you guys excited to check out? If I do get out and come home with something I’ll review it on the BW Twitter using the #BW_FCBD hashtag. Saturday Night Showcase will be pre-empted this week for a wrap-up article and might be a bit late depending on when I get back.

And one last reminder: BUY SOMETHING! It could be a comic, a graphic novel, a back issue, merchandise, comic protectors…just show some love to the comic store taking a hit to give you free comics. It’s a show of appreciation.

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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  1. Sean says:

    The Doctor Who comic and the Star Wars Adventures comic sound interesting. Your normal comic book store is now closer to you, so just set the alarm clock early in order for you to enjoy the freebies to be offered there. My town’s comic book shop still has the rationing of 2 free comics for adults and 4 free comics for kids. Will you be filming at the Free Comics Day like you did in 2015?


    • Probably not. I still have other videos I haven’t edited yet. Why make MORE work for myself?


      • Sean says:

        Good point. I did enjoy your 2015 Free Comics Day video.For example, I especially liked your interview with the guy who created the Dalek and other cosplay costumes. Hey, I can always watch that one again in order to get in the mood for Free Comics Day. Well, have a happy Free Comics Day, and I hope that you are able to pick up all the free comics you desire at your favorite shop. As for me….if I attend Free Comics Day at my local comics shop, I have to be careful in my decision making due to the rationing system there. But with the ration limit of 2 comics, I can hopefully still be able to grab the Doctor Who comic and the Star Wars Adventures comic. We’ll see……..


  2. […] the comics I was hoping to pick up there were a few I missed. Crush, The Tick, Ghost In The Shell: Global Neural Network, Sparks, and […]


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