You don’t want to see the centerfold model this issue.

Transformers Spotlight: Blurr

IDW Publishing (November, 2008)

WRITER: Shane McCarthy

ARTIST: Casey Coller

COLORIST: Joana Lafuente

(art team includes selected cover art)

LETTERER: Neil Uyetake

EDITOR: Denton J. Tipton

In the days before the war Blurr was the fastest racer on the track, and enjoyed the fame that came with it. Then the war started and the races disappeared.  Now without nothing and friend either joining Autobot or Decepticon, Blurr is all alone with his memories. Starscream attempts to recruit him but he’s not ready to join either side. Then during a Decepticon attack Blurr sees one of his “pit crew” killed after joining the Autobots. The pre-Prime Optimus convinces Blurr to use his speed to warn Zeta Prime about an attempt on his life and Blurr finds a new purpose.

What they got right: So few stories in any Transformers continuity showcase what life on Cybertron was like before the war. (A couple of episodes of Transformers Animated and the 2010s edition of Robots In Disguise showed life on Cybertron after the war and at best one can assume what little we see of their lives is reclaimed Cybertronian society.) Even other IDW stories are focused more on the early days of the war. Here we at least get a glimpse of what Cybertronian society was like beyond the political and crime stories seen in most other pre-war tales. Sure, all we get is that Cybertronian races are a sort of biathlon between running and vehicle modes, but I’ll take it. Blurr’s dealing with the new normal of the world has more weight because we actually get to see what his life was like before so even though he’s a celebrity with a big ego you feel sorry for him when it all falls apart.

What they got wrong: If this is G1 Blurr, why does he have wheels? There are also some minor continuity issues that according to research were addressed later on.

Recommendation: A good stand-alone early war story that’s worth checking out.


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