The Cyclops Superman.

Steel #36

DC Comics (March, 1997)


WRITER: Priest

LAYOUTS: Denys Cowan

COLORIST: Stu Chaifetz

LETTERER: Pat Brosseau


EDITOR: Frank Pittarese

While trying to hunt the monster Steel is shot in the head by squatters, his new armor saving his life but he still ends up with a concussion. As John goes home to rest, Paul talks Natasha into taking the armor suit out for a joyride, where they get into trouble thinking they’re stopping a robbery. Because they aren’t very bright. Meanwhile, John is teleported to the White Space and has to fight his old armor. He returns in time to pull Natasha out of trouble with the cops and questions if it’s okay for her to stay there. As for the monster, it’s lying in “Will-hane”‘s office.

What they got right: The art is pretty good for the time, and Paul shows how little he cares about race in what could have been an uncomfortable sequence when he brings a watermelon to her. (Remember, the writer is black himself.)

What they got wrong: Natasha is still annoying, and Paul/Boris keeps getting her into trouble, which she seems to want to get into. It’s like she wants to be punished or something. Their romance is uninteresting. I still don’t understand why they weakened Steel’s armor, which seems like a stupid move.

Recommendation: I really can’t recommend this run. Little of what I liked about Steel is present here and I’m just not enjoying it.


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