“No…it’s Batbaby Beyond!” (Congrats to those who get the reference.)

Batman: Gotham Adventures #13

DC Comics (June, 1999)

“The End”

WRITER: Kelley Puckett

ARTISTS: Rick Burchett & Terry Beatty

COLORIST: Lee Loughridge


LETTERER: Tim Harkins

EDITOR: Darren Vincenzo

The Perfesser and Mr. Nice are part of a crime trio led by Mastermind. However, Mr. Nice approached by a child from Bhang, who has a series of cards that proclaim him the potential savior of his people and can lead them to prosperity. It means leaving the team, which doesn’t sit well with Mastermind. He concocts one last job, which is to collect a series of vials that together will release a great plague on Gotham…unless Mr. Nice agrees to stay. But Nice convinces him that he has to go. I’m sure Batman was very confused about what was going on, but Nice leaves with the apparently mute boy. In what I guess is the future or something the Perfesser’s granddaughter decides to start reading the book collecting their adventures over again. The story may end but it can always be revisited.

What they got right: I imagine knowing who these characters are (I think they showed up in issues of The Batman Adventures I haven’t collected) would make this more interesting. I could have looked them up but I want to judge this the same way I first read it. While I don’t know who these three are beyond this story they are rather interesting. Unlike Batman’s usual foes they don’t seem to be psychologically scarred or major crime bosses. They’re minor criminals who work well together and have a strong friendship. I’d like them if they weren’t bad guys.

What they got wrong: Mr. Nice’s gimmick is that he’s a skilled fighter but apologizes to the people he beats up. What kind of leadership skills does he have? And I’m assuming this legend somehow allows the kid to have cards all ready to fill in the whole conversation, but I’m with the Perfesser…where does he keep them? He’s just wearing a loincloth.

Recommendation: A fun little story and I guess it concludes their story, so if you followed these three in previous DCAU titles it’s probably worth checking out if you liked them.

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