It’s finally time for the last of the panels from ConnectiCon 2016. This one was hosted by Michael Terracciano, writer and co-creator of the webcomic Star Power, a sci-fi superhero story which I’ve mentioned on this site before, and the creator and writer/artist of Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire, set in a fantasy world. In this panel, which I had to seriously edit audible and visually to maintain my self-imposed PG rating, so that’s not audio issues or a sudden interest in rubber ducks, Terracciano gives advice on how to avoid the usual cliches, or at least use them better, when designing your heroes and villains.



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  1. […] BW Panelling: Writing Unique Heroes And Memorable Villains: The other ConnectiCon panel I didn’t get to edit from 2016. Comic writer Michael Terracciano goes into how to make more interesting heroes and villains. […]


  2. […] Eastern Time, complete with a virtual rave. There will be recordings of old panels (including one I already covered in BW Panelling) and new panels run at home. Check out the ConnectiCon at home page for the full […]


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